Induced Abortion

A Hazard to Public Health?
"Induced Abortion. A Hazard to Public Health?", edited by Isam R. Nazer, brings together papers and discussions from the first conference of the International Parenthood Federation.
National IPPF Associations in various countries of North Africa and the Middle East were responsible for the establishment of procedures for reporting induced abortion statistics in these areas. The statistics show that legal restrictions do not, by themselves, deter women from getting abortions. Illegally induced abortion is a problem of epidemic proportions in this area. Generally married women who are practicing contraception with a view to smaller families are the ones to resort to induced abortion. This is a social and a medical problem. Despite their feelings against illegal abortion, medical practitioners have a responsibility to provide medical care for women suffering from complications of induced abortion and to offer contraception aimed at preventing future abortions. A meeting was called by the International Planned Parenthood Federation to discuss the problem of abortion worldwide.
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Isam R. Nazer
abortion, sex-education, work-of-reference