Vaginal Rinsing

"One fairly good method of contraception is rinsing the vagina after intercourse. An irrigator fitted with a main tube is employed for this purpose. Both pure water and water to which carbolic acid (2%) or alum (1%) has been added are suitable as a liquid.

“However, this is relatively effective only for frigid women who are difficult to arouse.”

Max Braun, Die künstliche Beschränkung der Kinderzahl [‘Artificial Limitation of the Number of Children’], 1912

“Shortly before or during ejaculation the man or woman squeezes the bulb, and before the man withdraws, the liquid enters the vagina and the uterine orifice, thoroughly rinsing them and all the folds of the vaginal fornix, and effectively reaching the most remote areas.”

Description of the Venus uterine syringe, from: Emil Peters, Die Beschränkung der Kinderzahl aus hygienischer und sozialer Notwendigkeit [‘Limiting the Number of Children out of Hygienic and Social Necessity’], Cologne, 1909