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photographs, etc. can be used free of charge with proper attribution. Additional images, some in high resolution, can be found among the exhibits.


The press releases and photographs that can be downloaded here provide an overview of the Museum of Contraception and Abortion and illustrate the details of individual highlights and other themes. All the photographs on our website may be used free of charge on the condition that proper attribution is given (‘Museum of Contraception and Abortion‚ Vienna’; or ‘MUVS, Vienna’) and we are provided with a copy.

We would be glad to assist you in case of additional questions or for interviews, photo opportunities, etc.


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Contraception Leads the Way

(March 2008) Unwanted pregnancy is often the result of a problematic attitude arising from a lack of understanding in relation to one's own body and methods of contraception.

MUVS Receives Important European Award

[May 2010] This little museum serves as an information centre and venue for discussion concerning fertility and relevant social policy.