Supporters and Contributors


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many individuals and institutions who have generously donated or loaned items and/or provided funding. Without their support, the museum would not be what it is today. Improving and expanding the museum, both in the real world and its virtual counterpart on the Internet, requires additional investment. Should you wish to support this project, we have provided bank-account numbers for donations below. You will be included in our list of donors, or you can remain anonymous if you prefer:


Support the museum financially

ERSTE Bank (Austria)
IBAN AT80 2011 1828 7575 8302

or via Paypal to

From now on donations to the MUVS can be credited tax-privileged.


Donate Objects

Our collection focuses on inheritances and memorabilia from private households, clinics and medical practices. Since we want to expand our collection for future exhibitions and add to it thematically, we are always grateful for new donations

Get in touch with us:
via phone +43/699/178 178 04
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The Team of the Museum of Contraception and Abortion
Christian Fiala & Susanne Krejsa


MUVS received projekt- funding from:


First Name Last Name Country Institution
Emilio Arisi
Istvan Batar
Heinz Baumann Condomeria
Ursula Baumann
Ernst Becker Apotheke 'Zu Maria Trost'
John Beckerson Museum of St. Albans
Willem Beekhuizen
Schering Archiv Berlin Schering Archiv, Berlin
Klaus Bernhardt Pfizer
Holger Breitenbach
Werner Brodersen
Werner Buch Germany
Kamheang Chaturachinda
Linan Cheng Shanghai Institute of Family Planing
Patrizio Corno
Carol A. Cox United States of America Barr Pharmaceuticals
Gerda Dostal
Christof Edler
James M. Edmonson Case Western Reserve University
E. Emberger
None Familie Mitas, Wien
None Familie Wastrack Germany
Christine Felding
Christian Fiala
S. Fischer
Samuel Fischmann
Jana Fleischmann
Elisabeth Foss
Beate Frenkler
Hans-Peter Fries
Sophie Gaedtke
Brigitte Gottschewski
Brenda Gousset Med Gyn
Bernd Hamann
Margret Hauke
Hartmut Heinze
Maria Hengstberger Austria Aktion Regen
Brigitte Heysek
Lienhard Hilgart Germany
Henning Hoffmann
Knut O. K. Hoffmann
Jaroslav F. Hulka
Dolly Hüther
Jan-Hinnerk Jacke
Brigitte Jez
James E. Kelly United States of America FEI Products LLC
Martin Kessel Kessel
Konstantin Kleiner
Günter Köhler
Erika Kosnar
Peter Krejsa
Susanne Krejsa MacManus
Hans L. Kremser
Hedwig Krisch
Elke Kügler
Susanne Kunz
Karl H. Kurz Germany International Research Institute for Reproduction
Sepp Leodolter Medizinuni Wien
Jack Lippes
H. Malek
Jacques Malgouyat
Diana Mansour
Thomas Mäurer
Eva Mayer
Elfie Mayer Germany Familienplanungszentrum Hamburg
Christine Mayer
Walter Mayr
Evelin McGinn Germany Unipath Diagnostics
Peter Menasse
Janis Mitschele
Tim Morgan Australia Acrux
Melanie Münzenberger
None Nachlass Ida O.
Ulla Neugebauer
Anja Nürnberger Germany
Kornelia Pappert
Mirella Parachini
Gitta Park
Markus Paulik
Radmila Pegnvic
Sylvia Petronics
Hanns Pilgersdorfer
Carmen Pilz Austria Linzer Frauen Gesundheitszentrum
Elisabeth Pracht Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung (ÖGF)
Hans Reinemann Germany Instrumentenmanufaktur in Berlin
Lilli & Werner Repetzky
Dorin Ritzmann
Gianfranco Rocchini
Birgit Rotter
Diane M. Rubino United States of America Population Council
Peter Safar
Giovanna Scassellati
Alice Schaffer
Friedrich Schaller
Petra Schenke
Frederick Schmidt Regulation Council
Georg Schmidt
Guido Scholz
Stephen E. Searle High Peak and Dales - Primary Care Trust
Birgit Seyr
Alfred Shihata
Percy Skuy Canada History of Contraception Museum
Christoph Slupetzky Austria Janssen-Cilag Pharma
Robert Snowden
Barbara Sommerer RAM
Peter Sontag United States of America minSURG - Biomechanical Innovations
Dame Margaret Sparrow
Jiří Šráček Czechia
Dorothee Struck
Iris Tielsch
Sita Treitl
Willem A.A. van Os
Maarten R. van Santen
Verenice Veith-Pichler Austria Sanova Pharma Ges.m.b.H.
Sascha Vogelbacher
Alexandra von Bredow Germany Valley Electronics
Coco Wagner-Triebnigg
Kevin Wenzke
Eva Westhauser Ferring Arzneimittel
Frauke Weyer
Dirk Wildemeersch
Roberta Wendy Woods
Shangchun Wu National Research Institute for Family Planning
Feng Du Xiong

AIDS Hilfe Wien
Aktion Regen
Apotheke 'Zu Maria Trost'
Barr Pharmaceuticals
Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Jugend und Familie
Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Sport
Case Western Reserve University
Contragest Pharma
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden
Familienplanungszentrum Hamburg
Family Planning Associaton, London
FEI Products LLC
Ferring Arzneimittel
F. Joh. Kwizda Ges.m.b.H.
Gynmed Ambulatorium für Schwangerschaftsabbruch und Familienplanung Wien
High Peak and Dales - Primary Care Trust
History of Contraception Museum
Instrumentenmanufaktur in Berlin
International Research Institute for Reproduction
Janssen-Cilag Pharma
Kwizda Pharma
Linzer Frauen Gesundheitszentrum
Med Gyn
Medizinuni Wien
minSURG - Biomechanical Innovations
Monica Britton Medical History Collection
Museum of St. Albans
MY.SIZE Vertriebs GmbH
National Research Institute for Family Planning
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung (ÖGF)
PDA (Population and Community Development Association)
Population Council
pro familia Beratungsstelle Düsseldorf
Pro Familia, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualberatung
Regulation Council
Sanova Pharma Ges.m.b.H.
Schering Archiv, Berlin
Shanghai Institute of Family Planing
Shanghai Institute of Family Planning Technical Instruction
Unipath Diagnostics
Valley Electronics
Valley Electronics AG
Vivo Sens Medical GmbH