Helen Henderson: Minnie Dean (1995)

She dressed in black and she carried a hat In a hatbox when early to the station she came And on her way back she always wore the hat From Invercargill to Winton on the 5 oclock train

Minnie Dean Minnie Dean
She’ gonna catch you and
take you away on the afternoon train
oh you better be good cos Minnie Dean’s gonna get you
you’ll never ever be heard of again

She was so sweet and gracious to the girls and the ladies A home for the babies She said she'd provide It was all done in private Money was provided As she wrapped up their little ones And took them away CHORUS Here lie the children nobody wanted Minnie died for her sins And the people they cried They cried for themselves They cried for the children They cried for Minnie And for closing their eyes CHORUS She dressed in black She carried a hat In a hatbox when early to the courthouse she came "Judge I'm innocent" she said "The children up and disappeared they got lost in the garden, they crawled under the bed" CHORUS