Advertisements for Contraceptives: Denmark

No. 6  „Dr Kings“ pessary (Mother Guard), 6.00 crowns

An extremely thin rubber pouch, about 15 centimetres in length, with an air-filled rim, extreme ease of application, causes absolutely no injury, does not interfere in any way, absolutely safe, completely effective contraception, prevents all kinds of infection, only one size available.

Instructions for using pessary no. 6. Turn down the wide end of the air-filled rim, insert index and middle fingers into the rubber pouch, which is then inserted into the vagina as far as possible so that the air-filled rim covers the vulva completely. When cleaned with warm water, the pessary can be used for one year as if it were new (until the rubber becomes brittle).


Safety sponge (Absorber) no. 27, 1.00 crown. Moisten this soft sponge in a silk web with a boric-acid solution or a diluted vinegar solution before use. Then insert the sponge as far into the vagina as possible. Using this sponge together with vaginal suppositories is particularly easy. Douche before and after removing the sponge. Do not apply pressure to any part of the sponge.


Instructions for using douches nos. 14, 15, 16 and 17. Mount the tank as high on a wall as possible and douche while standing or squatting. Insert the hose into the top of the tank with the douche tube (this is not necessary if the douche tube is equipped with a valve), then fill the tank with warm water and, if a doctor has described some kind of medication, mix it with the water.

Applying slight pressure to the tube will prevent the water from running out. The douche tube is then removed from the tank. The user squats over a bucket, and the water gently flows from the douche tube, which has been inserted into the vulva, and rinses the uterine orifice and cervix.


Instructions for using douche pumps nos. 18, 19 and 20.

Increasing numbers of douche pumps (Clysos) are being sold, as they represent the most pleasant aid for effective douching. Place one end of the hose equipped with a valve in a bucket full of warm water. Operate the pump by squeezing the bulb, and a stream of water will exit the end of the douche tube attached to the other hose. Insert the douche tube deep into the vagina to douche the uterine orifice and cervix. The douche can be thorough or gentle, depending on the amount of pressure exerted on the bulb. When washing the pump, remove the douche tube and attach the small tip in its place.



Top-quality white enamel tank, 1º metres of top-quality hose, 1 douche tube made of glass,

Douche tube made of top-quality ebonite, 1.00 crown,

Douche tube made of top-quality ebonite with valve, 2.00 crowns.


No. 17 travel irrigator

Top-quality flat rubber tank, 1º litres, 1º metres of hose,

Tip for washing the irrigator and ebonite travel douche tube with valve, 8.00 crowns.

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